About This is my Hand

This is my hand began after the loss of two emergency service workers, as a gesture of support to colleagues and to anyone who was struggling to cope with their mental health. Since then it has developed into a campaign to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing for people working in the emergency services.

I am a Paramedic that has worked in the Ambulance service for the past 17 years, like all of us I have seen and been involved in situations that are mentally and physically demanding. I too have suffered stress and episodes of depression in my life, not all related to work but they all have an effect on you. With this campaign I want to promote positive change to the way mental health is perceived and managed, by breaking down stigma, using peer support and simply getting more people talking about the subject.

"No matter how dark it may seem, how hopeless and lost you feel, there will always be someone who can help, so reach out, tell someone and never feel alone”


This is my hand is supporting the Mind Blue Light Programme to provide a better future for mental health support and awareness for Emergency service workers and the Samaritans who are available 24 hours if you need to talk.